Mustafa Suleyman Net Worth: Wiki, Education, Family, Wife

Mustafa Suleyman Net Worth: Education, Family, Wife & Salary. Mustafa Suleiman CBE is a British artificial intelligence entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Microsoft AI and the co-founder and former head of Applied AI at DeepMind, an AI company acquired by Google. After leaving DeepMind, he co-founded Inflection AI, a machine learning and generative AI company, in 2022.

Microsoft has appointed Mustafa Suleyman as the CEO of its AI division. Mustafa is a big name in the world of AI. He started AI Lab DeepMind in 2010 with other partners. The company was later acquired by Google. After separating from Google in 2022, Mustafa started Inflection AI. 

Mustafa Suleyman Net Worth
Mustafa Suleyman Net Worth

Who is Mustafa Suleyman?

Mustafa Suleiman was born in August 1984 and is a British artificial intelligence entrepreneur. Suleiman’s father was a taxi driver from Syria, while his mother was a nurse in the UK. Suleiman did his early studies at Thornhill Primary School. He started DeepMind with Demis Hassabis. However, he dropped out of the university at the age of just 19. He then launched the Muslim Youth Helpline, a telephone counselling service that went on to become one of the largest mental health support services for Muslims in the UK.

Full NameMustafa Suleyman
OccupationCo-founder of DeepMind
Date of BirthJanuary 5, 1984
EducationCompleted his studies in Philosophy and Theology at St John’s College, University of Oxford
Career Highlights
  • Co-founded DeepMind, a leading AI research company acquired by Google in 2014.
  • Instrumental in developing DeepMind’s AlphaGo, an AI program that beat world champion Go player Ke Jie.
  • Advocate for the ethical development and deployment of AI technology
Awards and Recognitions
  • Recipient of numerous awards including MIT Technology Review Innovators Under 35 (2013).
  • Named one of the “50 People Who Matter” by New Statesman magazine (2015).
  • Honoured with the Royal Academy of Engineering Silver Medal (2019)

Mustafa Suleyman Net Worth: Family & Education

Mustafa Suleman was born in 1984 in London. His father was a taxi driver and his mother was a nurse in a hospital. Mustafa Suleman was a college dropout. Mustafa Sulemandropped out of Oxford University to do business at the nonprofit telephone consulting service.

Name Mustafa Suleyman
Father Profession Taxi Driver
Mother ProfessionNurse
Origin Country Syria
Education College Dropout

Facts About Microsoft AI’s new CEO Mustafa Suleiman:

Mustafa Suleiman has been on the list of 100 most influential people in AI in 2023 released by Time Magazine. Mustafa Suleyman was born in London in 1984 to a Syrian father, a taxi driver, and his English mother, who worked as a nurse. Mustafa Suleiman is a college dropout who left the University of Oxford.

  • He ventured into a non-profit telephone counselling service that became one of the largest mental health help services in the UK for Muslims.
  • He has also worked with the United Nations (UN), the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature and the Dutch government on conflict resolution and social problems.
  • Mustafa Suleyman co-founded his first AI startup DeepMind in 2010, which was later acquired by Google in 2014.
  • He then worked at Google as vice president of AI products and AI policy.
  • One of his major achievements involves the application of DeepMind’s machine learning algorithms to reduce 40 per cent of energy consumption by Google’s data centres.

What is Mustafa Suleyman’s Net Worth?

Alphabet’s acquisition of Mustafa Suleyman DeepMind was estimated to be between $450 million and $650 million, based on this deal we can estimate his wealth between $600 To 800 Million Dollars. He has some other financial investments and ventures.

Estimated Networth 
  • $650 Millions To $800 Million

What is age Mustafa Suleyman?

As of 2024, Mustafa Suleyman is 39 years old, born on January 5, 1984.

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FAQ: Mustafa Suleyman Net Worth

From Which Country is Mustafa Suleyman?

Ans: Mustafa Suleyman Deepmind Founder was born to a Syrian taxi driver father and an English nurse In london. Suleyman grew up in the London Borough of Islington Area.

Who is the CEO of Inflection AI?

Ans: Mustafa Suleyman is the newly appointed CEO of Microsoft AI. He is the Founder And CEO of Inflection AI.

What is the name of Mustafa Suleyman’s Website?

Ans: is the personal website.

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